Upholstery Cleaning


  • Nylon

  • Polyester

  • Olefin

  • Microfiber

  • Cotton

  • Linen

  • Silk

  • Most Synthetic Furniture

Our Process

  1. Fiber identification

  2. Pre-inspect and pre-test

  3. Pre-spray with Fine Fabric Pre-Spray 

  4. Extract with Hot water Rinsing agent 

  5. Apply Fine Fabric Upholstery Protector  

  6. Set the nap with a carding brush


Cleaning Procedure

  1. Pre-test
    In an inconspicuous spot on the furniture spray with a cleaning mixture to make sure the fabric does not bleed or fade.

  2. Pre-spray
    Pre-spraying your upholstery with a quality Fire Fabric low PH Pre-Spray allows the cleaner to work it's way deeper into the fabric, thus helping the cleaner to loosen and dissolve the dirt and soils more effectively.

  3. Heavy Soiled Furniture we utilize Conditioning and Brushing for Upholstery Cleaning
    Using an upholstery brush, horse hairbrush, or other soft pile brush, lightly scrub the piece of upholstery that has just been pre-sprayed. This will again work the cleaner deeper into the fibers and loosen dirt and soil.

  4. Extraction
    Using the hot water extraction cleaning system, extract the piece of upholstery that has been pre-sprayed and conditioned. Making sure to overlap each stroke of the wand to prevent streaking. We always extract the upholstery at least one more time without water.  This will help to remove more of the water and allow the furniture to dry faster

  5. Apply Fine Fabric Upholstery Protector to keep the upholstery in the best condition and help prevent soiling and staining.

  6. Final Grooming once the fabric is dry, groom the pile against the nap using a nap brush