Your Health

To ensure the safest and most eco-friendly cleaning experience, we use cleaning products that contain no harsh chemicals, no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that vaporize into the air, & are 100% natural and safe for people and the environment.


At FCG Home Cleaning & Restoration we are proud to deliver high-quality results while maintaining a healthy and green environment not only for your fabrics but also for the sake of our cleaning technicians that use these products on a daily basis.


The results of such an environmentally friendly carpet cleaning (green cleaning) are visible and have proven our carpet cleaning supplies to be the most effective when dealing with the toughest carpet cleaning challenges for residential or commercial purposes in the Eastern Massachusetts area.

Allergy Relief

Our cleaning services can be a great help to those who suffer from allergies. Animal dander, dust mites, and other pollutants trapped in carpets and their pads enhance allergy distress as well as the changing seasons or poor indoor air quality. Even the smallest dust particle can be a major source of serious respiratory problems. 


With our sanitizing services, we can guarantee not only the cleanliness of your sleeping environment (mattress and upholstery) but also cleaner indoor air.

Quality Cleaning

At FCG Home Cleaning & Restoration, we follow the newest technology and use innovative cleaning machinery which allows you, our highly valued customer, to enjoy expensive carpet cleaning machines at a competitive price. The use of innovative carpet cleaning machines allows for better carpet cleaning results and a faster carpet drying time.

Household vacuums are great for pulling soil and dust out from a carpet and a sofa - however - unless they have a Hepa filter, a normal vacuum will exhaust dust back into the air. Our Truck-Mounted Cleaning units ensure that all of the dust and dirt removed from your fabrics stays outside in the truck.